We are extremely proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. For decades, we’ve worked hard to build such strong working relationships with our clients. Their consistent happiness with our service is a reflection of the high standards we’ve set for ourselves.

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What Does an A+ Rating Mean

If you look at the BBB website, you will see we are one of just a small handful of companies in this market that can claim such an impressive and consistent rate of client satisfaction.

But What Does Our A+ Rating Mean

The BBB bases its ratings on a scoring scale of 13 factors. These are things like the volume of complaints, the number of unresolved or unanswered complaints, failures to address a complaint pattern and the amount of time a company has been in business. In order for us to achieve our A+ rating, we need a score of at least 97 out of 100.

We scored 100, achieving perfect scores on all 13 factors.

Taking Customer Care Seriously

But we’re not perfect. Miscommunication happens and on the very rare occasions when one of our clients is not completely happy with us – currently less than 1 out of every 5,000 clients – we always act quickly to ensure a swift settlement and satisfactory resolution.

Whatever your issue or query, big or small, we’re dedicated to helping you as best we can. And that’s why the BBB rates us so highly.

Fast, Free, and Confidential.

Well-qualified and knowledgeable lawyers specializing in emotional support animal and service animal housing discrimination.

ESADoggy BBB A+ Accredited
Chat online or call (888) 970-3723.
ESADoggy BBB A+ Accredited
Chat online
or call (888) 970-3723.