Our Attorney Members are required to explain their fees up front, but you may want further clarification. Don’t be shy, talking money with your lawyer is an excellent way to learn how your attorney treats clients.

Fair housing assistance animal discrimination complaints are typically billed at an hourly rate. As rates can vary greatly, always remember to ask for an estimation.

And always obtain proof of the agreement in writing.

Have Realistic Payment Expectations

In addition to a lawyer's hourly rate, you might be expected to pay certain expenses. Get these also in writing before hiring an attorney.

Generally, client pays for the following expenses:

  • Photocopying charges
  • Long distance telephone charges
  • Courier, postage, and overnight delivery charges
  • Filing fees

Closely Review Your Monthly Bill

Your itemized monthly bill should include fees and expenses.

If there’s something unclear or amiss, discuss this with your attorney. Don’t be accusatorial. Such discussions let’s your attorney know you’re paying close attention to your case.

Always Evaluate Your Lawyer

When your case is offer, offer an honest evaluation. Consider the following:

  • Provide case updates regularly.
  • Return your phone calls within one business day.
  • Honor deadlines, with a reasonable amount of flexibility.
  • Maintain a loyalty to you while keeping honest, even while being critical of your wishes.
  • Honor confidences.
  • Discuss openly all billing matters while honoring the original agreement for services.
  • Refer you to talk to someone else when specialized expertise is needed.
  • Appear prepared at meetings or court appearances.

If you feel your lawyer is being unprofessional, or you were not treated with care and respect, please send us an email at [email protected] before you file a complaint with your state's bar association. We may be able to help resolve any misunderstandings or disputes.

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ESADoggy BBB A+ Accredited
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