GetFairHousing specializes in matching tenants who've experienced assistance animal fair housing discrimination with the right attorneys.

1. We Protect Your Privacy

We never release your personal information without your permission. Member Attorneys can only view your case summary information.

2. There’s Never Any Obligation

There’s no cost or obligation to use our service. In the end, you alone decide who, if anyone, you would like to contact.

3. We Pre-Screen Our Lawyers

Member Attorneys are pre-screened – they’re all in good standing with their state's bar association, and are able to meet our membership standards and requirements.

4. $500 Satisfaction Guarantee

We firmly stand behind you with a $500 Satisfaction Guarantee.

5. Your Own Due Diligence

Confidentially and thoroughly review the attorneys' profiles and responses before revealing your identity.

6. Lawyers Interested in Your Case

Don’t waste valuable time discussing your private legal matters to lawyers who are not interested or available.

7. We have Lawyers Who Specialize in Emotional Support Animal Housing Discrimination

We will soon have lawyers in cities big and small throughout the United States to help. Currently, the rollout of our initial service is limited to Florida.

8. We Are Not a Referral Service

We believe informed consumers know best, so we’ll never choose a lawyer for you.

9. Our Service is Free

No fees, no credit card needed. Your fee arrangements are made directly with your attorney you choose.

Member Attorneys have paid an annual fee to respond to your inquiries.

Fast, Free, and Confidential.

Well-qualified and knowledgeable lawyers specializing in emotional support animal and service animal housing discrimination.

ESADoggy BBB A+ Accredited
Chat online or call (888) 970-3723.
ESADoggy BBB A+ Accredited
Chat online
or call (888) 970-3723.